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Our company whose main principles are quality and well-service is founded in 1988 in Hendek / SAKARYA Our main principle is quality product our company has an international expantion with it’s export nowadays , in our country our company is talked about every segment .Our firm has increased  it’s products types and quality since 1988.And also it followed technological improvements , it is renewed and it proved its reliablity and standart in this sector .At the beginning , the year this firm is founded its capacity is 90 ton / day but in progress of time our , company is getting increase its capacity 250 ton/day and now our capacity of breaking wheat is 90.000 ton/year.With its new machine investments .The result of renovation , our firm supply the needs of large bazaar in internal market , gain a seat in exportation .Our types of products are limited to bread stuff at first years . Anymore we have bread stuff , pitta bread stuff , baklawa & pastry , hylla and cake flour . With the changing in manufacturing , our company also follows the quality control and improvements of R&D (research and development) our main duty is helping customers about technical know- ledge and support , When you meet us ,   you are pleased our quality   products and servicing at the same time you say hello permanent friendship and supporting power that is near of you whenever you need.We export every kind of wheat flour from Africa to Far East Countries.   We choose wheat flour carefully and import it from CIS Europe , U.S.A , Canada , Australia and other countries that products wheat .Then we produce flour based on our customers’ needs and quality property Our motto is “ Never toss up quality “ .If you share our motto and also if you need good servise  from a friendly hand and quality products , we wait for you at Akova Flour and Forage Factory .

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